ADA NSW: Choosing a good CPD course


Old news, quick update.

I have recently written a new article for ADA NSW about choosing a good CPD (continuing professional development) course and with permission from the man in charge (Ben Campbell – Thank you!), I present to you the article which I have written as a Recent Graduates Committee member about how to choose quality CPD courses before the next renewal date!

The perks being an ADA member here is the quality of the articles which we write for our members, and the CPD team with the ADA NSW CPD has fantastic courses which are both practicable and applicable to your everyday dentistry! Plus special member discounts from the CPD team so that you can take the course easily by yourself or with your dental team members, there’s always a course for any topic in dentistry!

For the ADA NSW members, click here and login to view this month’s issue digitally.

For all the upcoming dental student graduates and current young dentists, our Recent Graduates Committee represents YOU! Be involved with your ADA by liking us on Facebook and, if you havn’t join us, JOIN and fill out the application form. We have many social events and free lectures as part of the membership which you can claim CPD points and socialize with your peers! This is part of the value of being an ADA member and there are much, much more to come!


To see my article on this month’s issue, with the permission of Ben, click here to read my article from the NSW Dentist magazine.



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