For the upcoming dental graduates, part 2.

Oh s--t

A shocked and daunted new graduate from part 1 of the blog.

Welcome to part 2 of the blog.

By now you should be daunted by the bureaucracy of Australia and the sheer amount of paperwork which you had to fill in to become a dentist. Don’t worry, they’re all free and you should be able to practice as soon as possible!

Now for some real tips to survive in the real world:

  • Find a mentor – I can’t stress this enough! If you have a senior colleague in the practice, or your boss or if you can find one via this ADA NSW ADAPTS programme it’ll be great! Traditionally as new dentists you will learn a lot from your senior colleagues so get in touch with one!
  • Do lots of extractions – That is probably the only way you can ever improve in your ability to do extractions. Grab a senior colleague, discuss your case with them, make a game plan for the worst case scenario and just go and do it, throw yourself in the trenches. You’ve planned it well with your senior and he or she will be ready to cover you. Clinical experience is the only way to improve yourself especially for surgical extractions.
  • Go and do the courses to cover your weak points first, then do the ones which you are interested in – most likely your weak points in the dental school will haunt you and stop you from being an effective clinician in the real world, doing these courses to build up your confidence will help you in dealing with difficult cases as well as letting the patients put their faith in you.
  • I suggest all graduates to consider having their basic dental covered before doing the “advanced courses” such as ortho, implants, invisalign etc. – Get your basics sorted and comfortable before diving in the deep (and fun) end.
  • Talk to your seniors, keep in contact with each other! – I cannot stress this more than enough, when life takes its place we tend to diminish contact with each other and for dentistry, it can be very isolating. Keep talking to your classmates and each other through different means as much as you can: Facebook, WhatsApp and whatever you are comfortable with.
  • Once again, SOCIALISE: This time with people outside your social circle. Pro-tip: there are other dentists other than your university and they may differ in your views! That is the beauty of being in the industry: you get to meet all sorts of people! Best way to know more of these people? ADA NSW, our recent graduates committee organises social and CPD events in order for you to know more of these people!
    This allows you to open your opportunities to more things, such as employment (knowing your future boss), partners in business, mentors etc.!

Most of all: enjoy your profession and being called a “doctor”! You’ve studied a lot, you’ve earned it, now go out there and make us proud!


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