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tl;dr:  has been officially launched and watch this space for +F coming out next year! Like our facebook page as well.

So this is a bit of an secret project which I have been helping out with Dr. Catherine-Ann Walsh  (ADA NSW councellor) , the immediate past president of the ADA NSW Dr. Deb Cockrell, Dr John Cooney (OAM and FICD)and Mr. Peter Lazar (AM and FICD), the founder of Professional Public Relations.

I am proud to announce part of the secret project was the design and implementation of the Dental Health Australia (DHA) website. A bit the about the background about DHA:

What is DHA?

Dental Health Australia is a not-for-profit oral health promotion organisation dedicated to improving the nation’s general health.

It aims to demonstrate the great need to have a healthy mouth … the Gateway to the body … if you want to have a healthy body for life.

Poor oral health has a direct impact on poor general health.


Bringing oral and general health together

A growing body of international evidence supports the conclusion that oral and general health need to be brought closer together.

Dental decay and gum disease are some of society’s most common chronic conditions and impact many diseases which are life threatening.


DHA : the Organisation

DHA is a registered company formed by Peter Lazar AM and Dr. John Cooney OAM.  Listed with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission as a Company Limited by Shares.

DHA is a proprietary company, which has three directors—

  1. Mr. Peter Lazar – Chairman
  2. Dr. John Cooney
  3. Mr. Roly Keller, Barrister at law.

First registered on the 15th of August 2006, it is noted that DHA was formed as a not-for-profit company with the aim of applying any profits to the promotion of Oral Health projects on a national basis.

Our aims and activities are:

  • To foster and promote greater awareness and knowledge of oral health
  • To undertake initiatives to prevent oral disease and thereby
  • To provide better oral health leading to better general health for all Australians
  • To educate Australians that dental ill health has a significant impact upon the rest of the body.


Of course, there are many, many more people in involved this project, which you can read more about it in this link here from DHA for news about the organization.

I’ll be keeping the website updated as the webmaster of DHA. Please show us your support by bookmark and/or add us to your favourites.



Hopefully you will hear more from me 🙂
Part of the dream team.



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