Sydney University’s new Charles Perkin’s Centre Dentistry Node



tl:dr; congratulations on Sydney University’s Charles Perkin’s Centre dentistry node!

The Charles Perkin’s Centre has been designed similar to the University of Otago’s Centre For Innovation. Where’s Otago’s is a mixed use of public and private research facility (multidisciplinary) whereas the Charles Perkin’s Centre is primarily focused on three of Australia’s biggest health epidemics–diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and as well as other related conditions.

Surprisingly, these three biggest health epidemics are also related and linked to poor oral health. This is also the message of Dental Health Australia.

I have only recently heard of the new dentistry node being added to the Charles Perkin’s Centre. I haven’t been invited to the event but had been hearing great news about the announcement and would like to extend my congratulations to the people involved.

For further information about the centre, click here to download their brochure. If you want to contribute to dentistry and to the university, click here to donate.

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