Summary of the recent grad lecture and cocktail



The night with the recent graduates is a real blast, we are really proud and thankful to have Dr Manish Shah, Dr Alan Yap and Dr Adit Bahl. For the wonderful and excellent talk about sleep apnoea, aesthetic restorations and single tooth implant cases and simple oral surgery tips with BRONJ management!

Some stuff which I have learned from all three lecturers:

  • Sleep apnoea is usually caused my microarousals during sleep, the micro-arousals can be linked to and causes bruxism (usually forward jaw movement) and mouth breathing (in order to allow more air in)
  • Over 80% of the girls and 90% of the guys have undiagnosed  sleep apnoea.
  • Most of the cosmetic work you need to start off with the most conservative method before moving on into the veneers and crowns (such as bleaching or orthodontics)
  • There has been a recent trend in new angulated screw channel implant crowns
  • Sometimes if you are unable to get the lower tooth numb after a IAN or long buccal block, you should try and do an extra LA on the mylohyloid nerve (the extra branch from over there tend to make the molars unable to get fully numb.
  • Laster retractor is a excellent retractor for removing wisdom teeth for those upper 8s.
  • To succeed in oral surgery, one must buy good quality and sharp equipment from well known manufacturers.

It was lovely to meet all of the recent graduates at the cocktail party! I’ve met a lot of people traveling from Orange, Newcastle, Bathurst and all the way from Cairns to join us in tonight’s party! With some keen new graduates asking about membership, transferals from other states to NSW and wanting to help out the recent graduates committee!

Thank you for all being such lovely audience and being gentle on me as it was my first debut as the Chair of the Committee. We hope to serve and represent you all and do become active within our (and your) very own dental association!

Some photos to share:


Dr Adit Bahl talking about BRONJ and tips for oral surgery.

Dr Manish Shah talking about sleep apnoea and simple questions for dentists to ask if patients have it!


Dr. Alan Yap talking to us about the gold proportions and some guidelines to aesthetic restorations.

For more of the info of the event. Check it out on our Recent Graduates Facebook Page. Like us to be updated with the latest information!


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