Recent Graduates: the importance of networking


Networking is super important!

When I was in university, I have my flatmates have always said to me:

Joe, you can’t just stay in your room playing games and study! Go out, make friends and know people!

And they can’t be more right about that, especially in dentistry! We work in an  very isolating profession compared to many other people. Our job consists of looking after patients, and after a long day, go back home and enjoy time with our family. Put this one on repeat for a few years and you have a perfect brew for isolation.

Keeping in contact and network is hard, especially as a new graduate new in town  (or in my case, a large city!). So how do you establish new networks in this case?

Some reddit forums or can help in establishing new connections. But what about professional dental connections? Other than just going to one expensive CPD course then to another?

Well the solution to your problem is right in front of you! The ADA NSW (especially for all you Recent Graduates!) has go our committee to organise free lecture events and social calendar for you. These are terrific way to meet new friends, expand your dental support network and even meet your future bosses!

And as Dr. Catherine-Anne Walsh said:

You only get what you put into things.

You really need to put in the effort in order to make ADA work! The best way to start is to join the RGC activities, join in our CPDs and talk to our staff! We’re all very friendly and seriously do not bite!

Remember that ADA is a goldmine full of information waiting for you to explore!


Some food for thoughts from our wonderful councillors and members:

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