Happy New Year 2016!


Happy new year 2016!

Hey all, it’s been a while since the blog update. People are on holiday, I’m still working and the news from the ADA inc. and ADA NSW has been pretty slow to non-existent. So I took a bit of a blogging holiday to enjoy myself as well.

Happy new year 2016! May all you new graduates find jobs and enjoy your big day out as a dentist. For all the staff and people whom have supported me from the past to the present: thank you as well!

2016 will be an even more exciting year as Dental Health Australia will move into its next phase, exciting events hosted by our Recent Graduates Committee for all the young grads and hopefully better news within the dental industry.

I’ll be signing off for now. When things get rolling with ADA I’ll be starting my usual blogging shenanigans.

Have a good one!


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