ADA NSW RGC: Networking, it’s pretty important



Hey all, finally an update after being on hiatus over the Xmas period and new years (we’re finally getting some news!)

Apparently, my article written here in my blog about the importance of networking for recent graduates is so good that the ADA NSW decided to have it as part of the Jan 2016 article! The Jan edition article expanded a bit more about networking with some grammatical corrections added (thanks Ms. Di Robinson and Dom!)

It’s mentioned in the articles, but the best way to network with your fellow peers within the ADA NSW are:

Click here to view the ADA NSW Jan 2016 article about networking

By the way, I’m proud to announce that the RGC has its own email address! All correspondence to the RGC committee can be done at !


Hope to add more interesting news as time goes on! We’ll get back to our scheduled updated soon!

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