New AC added: denture maintenance


Hey all, here’s a bit of an update. I’ve added a new page about the dos and don’ts for denture maintenance.

Why this sudden update? A week ago at Mascot, one of the patients came over to see me and I was surprised that she had her set of dentures for almost 2 years and didn’t know how to look after it properly.

I quickly typed in a some simple instructions on a word document and printed it out for her. She was pretty pleased with these instructions. So I thought: why not update it to my current blog anyways since I have been neglecting this for a while?

So here you go, you can read it if you have dentures or if you want to, it’s part of the After Care series: AC – A beginner’s guide to denture maintenance

Talking about dentures, I shall add a page dedicated to explaining what dentures are and what they do in the not so distant future. 🙂

More updates will be coming soon at Feb! There have beens some recent good developments on the ADA side of things!

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