We need you for the Recent Graduates Committee!


We need you for the Recent graduates committee!

We are asking all you fresh/new grads to join the Recent Graduates Committee of NSW, to advocate for our profession as well as make friends to kickstart your career into the dental world!

Our communications manager Ms. Di Robinson has summed the roles and why to join our awesome team of RGC very well, here is her description below:

Dear [You],

I’d like to invite you to nominate for membership of the Recent Graduates Committee (RGC).

Advantages of being a RGC member

  • Play a leadership role: examines issues affecting recent graduates and recommend policies and strategies to ADA NSW Council
  • Be part of a team organising events and providing resources for recent graduates while sharing experiences and making friends
  • Get yourself known and heard: RGC members write articles for NSW Dentist, are representatives on ADA NSW Council and network with practising dentists
  • Influence ADA NSW policies and strategies to attract and retain recent graduate members
  • Kick start your career: the RGC opens many doors – for example, you could go on to serve on ADA NSW Council or committees or even become President: Dr Sabrina Manickam began her involvement with ADA NSW on the RGC
  • Increase communication and assistance between ADA NSW and dental students from NSW universities.


Who is eligible?
Any ADA NSW member who graduated in 2009 or later.


Do I have to live in Sydney?
No. The four RGC meetings held a year can be accessed via teleconferencing, as can other RGC events. Currently, RGC members live in Orange, Lithgow and on the Central Coast – even in Cairns – as well as in Sydney.


How long can I serve on the RGC for?
Nominations are held every year, in February. Dentists already on the RGC can renominate for membership once they have served their first year. Dentists are no longer liable for membership once they are no longer ‘recent graduates’, that is, they have been practising dentistry for more than seven years.


Who appoints RGC members?
Members are appointed by ADA NSW Council.


How do I nominate?
Complete the attached form (pdf file) and post or email it to us, with a brief CV (no longer than 3 pages) by Friday 26 February. Successful members will be notified after the meeting of ADA NSW Council on Friday 4 March.


Find out more…
Feel free to email me at rgc@adansw.com.au for more information, and find out more about the RGC here and on Facebook.


So what are you waiting for? Join today and I shall meet you in person in the next meeting! 🙂



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