Happy Chinese New Years edition update

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Happy Chinese New Years edition update

Happy Chinese new year everyone. Welcome to the year of the monkey. Apologies for not much of an update recently as I have been travelling to conferences to learn and refine new techniques in dentistry. And boy, do I have learnt quite a lot overseas!

This is the first of the few incremental updates to the website other than just the usual page adding and content management. This is to refine what’s in place in the website, correct/refine some of the grammars as well as adding more multimedia content such as videos and pictures to help you understand dentistry even more.

Of course, the framework of the website is constantly updated and refined in order to make your mobile experience as seamless as possible. Here is what has been updated:

Change log:

  • Orthodontics
    • Added a new video showing a 18 month time lapse of braces treatment (courtesy of Imgur)
    • Grammatical and spelling corrections
    • Added a fun Awkward Yeti comic about braces
  • Extractions
    • Added a Awkward Yeti comic about orthodontics
    • Added a video showing how a wisdom tooth is surgically extracted
  • Crowns
    • Added a Awkward Yeti comic about crowns
  • Fillings
    • Added a Awkward Yeti comic about filling (more like having a sweet tooth)
    • Refined and added more information and links about fillings to crowns and direct laminate veneers
  • Root canal treatment
    • Added a new video showing you how root canal is done (simplified video)


That’s all for now. Have a look a these pages and tell me what your think by commenting in this post or contacting me!

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