Interesting stuff from ABC news and upcoming updates


Hey all blog watchers!

A bit of a slow news month so there hasn’t been much of an update. Just to let you know I’m drafting some new info-graphics for dentistry so expect it sometime in the next update.

Here are some of the latest news in the dental-sphere:

  • New ADA NSW website is out and it features our recent graduates committee page! Plus it’s mobile compatible!
  • New ADA federal website is also out, but it’s not really mobile compatible. For more information about mobile web design you can click here to read about my rambles.
  • Child dental benefit scheme will not be closed on 1st July as the ADA federal lobbyists found out that closing it down without going through the senate is illegal. So it is here to stay!

And here is the interesting news from ABC News, a dental quiz to test your dental knowledge (and a good one as well!)

As usual, if you have any particular content or update you would like to see in my blog, please feel free to contact me


I’ll see you guys in the next update.


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