Mid 2019 update

In addition to being Invisalign accredited from the last update, I have attended further Invisalign advanced courses in their headquarters of St. Leonards to further make your smiles beautiful.

Ready to learn more on how to make your smile straight and beautiful
St. Leonard’s Invisalign Training Centre HQ

Not only that there has been a few minor and major tweaks to the website. For those who follow this website often, here is the following change log:

  • Increased the overall font size of the website from 12pts to 17pts for improved readability
  • Further optimised the website with the inbuilt caching tools -> website loads faster
  • Minor design tweaks on the contact information box design (can only see it on mobile)
  • Added a sitemap for easier navigation for mobile phones as a alternative to the sticky hamburger menu
  • Removed the “Dental services menu” on the footer and added “Quick links” instead
  • Rearranged the footer contents for better mobile usability
  • Added a brand new privacy policy at footer
  • Removed the option for users to comment and join the website (redundant)
  • Removed the “Featured pages”
  • Replaced featured pages with a image gallery (and links) instead with pictures which I took 


That is all the updates for now. Looking forward to meeting seeing and looking after you!

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