Elective surgeries eased to Level 2 (from level 3)

Fantastic news for all the dentists and doctors in Australia. The government has announced on 21st April 2020 that most of the elective surgeries in Australia will be able to resume. For us as dentists this means at Level 3 restrictions we can only do around 10-20% of our treatment. With Level 2 restrictions back in place

For reference this what we can do as dentists in level 2:

Bascially as dentists we can do around 80% of the usual procedures starting 27th April 2020 with the exceptions of cleaning and surgical tooth extraction (majority of wisdom teeth cases) which requires a referral to a specialist.

We don’t know when this restriction will be completely lifted or if Australia will move back into further restrictions should subsequent waves of COVID19 returns. So my advice to you and my patients is: if you have dental issues that has been bothering you or will bother you, get it sorted now!

Feel free to contact me for help/questions.

Stay safe

Relevant links:

ADA practical guide (in details) on how to transition back to level 2 restrictions.

Excellent resource for all Dental Professionals from ADA

AHPPC (governmental authority) media statement regarding elective surgeries (including dental)

Australian Dental Association’s press release regarding elective surgery

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