Elective surgeries eased from Level 2 to Level 1

We have some very good news for our colleagues and our patients. As of 7pm AEST 08/05/2020 The AHPPC and the Dental Council of NSW has approved dentists to be able to practice dentistry under level 1 restrictions. (Yes, it’s pretty sudden for us as well)

This means we can now offer the following services:

That is essentially all of dentistry, unrestricted. We still need to take extra precautions for people whom had close contacts with COVID patients as well as ongoing and former COVID patients.

Below is the reference document outlining what can be done from the ADA Service Restrictions Document

We recommend you to book to see us ASAP, as we are still assuming there may be a second wave of infections and if that is the case the level restrictions will have to go up.

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