AC – Gum disease maintenance

Congratulations on having your gum all cleaned up and back to good oral health! This after care series will teach you how to keep your gums and teeth in a good condition so that you may avoid the gum treatment in the future and prevent your teeth from becoming even more loose.


So how often do I need to have my teeth cleaned?

It really depends on two things:

  1. The environment of your mouth – For example, if you make your mouth more acidic such as drinking lots of soft drinks/coffee/tea you will be more likely to accumulate plaque faster than normal
  2. How friendly/aggressive your bacteria – again, the more aggressive your bacteria the more you need frequent cleaning.


We will be able to tell you how often your teeth you need to be cleaned after a few visits.

In addition to your normal brushing and flossing, we also want you to use these tools to keep your gums healthy:



IMG_2234The periopack which is included in your gum maintenance kit is a special gel which helps you maintain your gum health in addition to your regular brushing and flossing.

The kit contains two gels:

  • Chloroflor – 0.2 % chlorhexidine gluconate (broad spectrum antibiotics)
  • Bright teeth gel – 10% Carbamide peroxide (bleach)

The chloroflor acts on all bacteria to kill the bad ones and retain the good ones. It also has a bonus feature of reducing tooth sensitivity. However, the downside is that it you make your teeth stain a lot easier than normal.

The bright teeth gel will remove more bacteria; it will cause more tooth sensitivity but it also will remove the staining caused by chloroflor (with the bonus feature of making your teeth whiter!)

Because of this, it is very important to use the two gels in an alternating fashion!


Here is how to use the periopack:

  • Use twice daily, after breakfast and before going to bed.
  • Brush teeth alternatively with chloroflour after breakfast and bright teeth gel before going to bed for one minute per session, with a peas sized amount.
  • Comfortably brush the back of the tongue and spit out (and avoid gagging) as this is where the bacteria that cause the dental disease comes from.
  • Spit out the accumulated saliva and gel and do not rinse, eat or drink for at least half an hour after brushing!


Note that because we are using bleach therefore:

  1. Some teeth may not bleach evenly due to the fact that you are brushing your teeth with it instead of using a special tray
  2. Some of the existing fillings or crown (or known as caps) may not blend into your smile with whiter teeth

If you are concerned about this, please let us know during or after the use of the gel.



pikster how to use

Piksters (known as interdental brushes or Christmas tree brushes) is a great substitute to flossing when you have increased gaps between your teeth as flossing would not be effective. They have a stiffened wire core you can clean the spaces between your teeth one-handed, unlike regular floss.

Like from the above diagram, using the pikster is simple: bend to brush the back teeth and straighten the brush to use it in the front teeth. Rinse the piksters in water after use and remember to put the cap back otherwise the bristles will ruffle and will not become effective!

How often should I use my Piksters?

Ideally, after every meal. Just wet it in water if you are out eating and simply use it (it’s very convenient due to its small size as you can put it in our pocket, purse, wallet etc.)

Minimum twice a day; morning and night while you are brushing your teeth and using periopack.


There are so many colours! What are they for?

pikster size

Different colours in pikster simply just means different sizes as shown in this diagram.

Note that the diameter is in millimetres (mm).

Don’t worry about the size itself as we would have already picked the best size for you. Just remember the colours from the brushes which we chose for you so that you can buy more replacements when the bristles are not stiff anymore

Optional protip: You can also add some of the periopack gels on the piksters or your regular toothpaste for the extra clean and shine.


How often do I have to change my piksters?

Roughly every 2 weeks, earlier if you are being too aggressive with it (and if you are being aggressive with it, be gentle!)


Where can I buy more Piksters?

Just ask our friendly staff in the front desk when you visit us to purchase more. Alternatively, you can go to any chemist in Australia and they will be in stock. If you’re more of the online shopper you can buy them from the manufacturer


Please don’t hesitate to contact our office if you have any more questions or queries!

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