Root canal treatment (RCT)

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Looking for the Root Canal!

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

When the pulp (nerve) of a tooth is damaged, infected or inflamed, root canal treatment is needed to save the tooth. Treatment involves removing the pulp and sealing the cavity. A crown (or cap) is then required to provide support to the weakened tooth – either porcelain or gold are recommended by our office.


When is Root Canal Treatment required?

If you have any of the following symptoms occur, you may need a root canal treatment:

  • Tooth becomes painful – usually many people have a throbbing and aching pain which can spread all over the face
  • Tender to bite on tooth
  • Tooth is particularly sensitive to hot and cold
  • An obvious large cavity (hole) in the tooth
  • Tooth suddenly becomes dark in colour.
  • Facial swelling limited around the upper and/or lower jaw with or without toothache.

However, the pulp of the tooth may sometimes die without causing noticeable pain.

Regular six monthly dental examinations will help you from such problems going undetected.


How is a root canal done?root canal diagram

Root canal is done under a dental anaesthetic, the remains of the nerve are cleaned through a small hole in the crown of the tooth. Thin files are used, together with cleaning solutions under a rubber dam – a latex barrier which protects your airway and reduces the bacteria during treatment. X-rays and a special detector are taken in the process to determine the length of the canal or canals in the tooth. A sealant is placed in the canal before the tooth is to be crowned. During the course of the treatment,

Studies have shown that more than 80% of root treatments are successful.


How many appointments does it take for my root canal to be completed?

Around three appointments. At times it may be more or less depending on how difficult it is to clean your canals.


Anything I need to do after I have my root canal?

Yes, we highly recommend getting a crown done as after doing a root canal you teeth will become more brittle and susceptible to fracture compared to tooth which did not have it.


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