Why did the Queen go to the dentist?
To get her new crown!

What’s a crown?

A crown (like the one pictured above), also known as a “cap”, is a dental restoration which completely encircles or caps a tooth or even a dental implant.


Why would I need one?

To protect your tooth, especially if the cavity is very large and a large filling is required or after root canal treatment. Because the crown encircles your whole tooth with a continuous material it can withstand better biting forces compared to a large filling.


How do you prepare a crown?

  1. Local anesthetic is placed
  2. The tooth will be reshaped to allow the future crown sit properly
  3. An impression (or imprint) will be taken from your upper and lower teeth.
  4. An temporary crown is placed to protect the teeth while the custom restoration is being made in an Australian based dental laboratory


How many appointments will it take you to make a crown?


Where do you have your crowns made?

We outsource our crowns to local Australian labs and work closely with them. I usually pick labs which are located in either locally in Sydney or all the way to Melbourne depending on the type of job required.


What materials are crowns made out of?

  • Gold alloy
  • Ceramic
  • A combination of ceramic plus palladium/nickel alloy
  • Zirconium
  • Ceramic/Zirconium combination

We will inform you about the recommended material for your crown based on your situation as different materials have different pros and cons.


Here are more information/entertainment about having a dental crown

Awkward Yeti’s take about dental crowns (this is when you need one if you have a very large cavity):



Something for you think about if you recently had root canal treatment:



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